Mobile Payment Solutions

Turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a profitable payment processing terminal – for free!

Take your business directly to your customers, wherever they are, with HMSPay.  If you’re a contractor, caterer, field management provider, salon owner, or anyone whose work force is on the move HMSPay can help you succeed. Use our mobile payment processing solution in the field, at trade shows, at school functions or anywhere outdoors.

What is HMSPay?

HMSPay is a state-of-the-art, secure way to process payments on your iPhone or Android phone. It will grow your business by providing you the flexibility to accept payments and make sales anywhere. Just download the application to your phone and attach the device to the phone and you can start swiping cards and processing payments.

Either the iPhone application or the Android application is free when you sign up with Host Merchant Services. The application accepts all major credit cards. We also offer free card processing devices to qualifying merchants, as part of the HMS Guarantee.

This product has iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 support as well as most Android phones. Is easy to download, and easy to use. Host Merchant Services will quickly have you accepting credit card payments anywhere you and your phone can go.

Host Merchant Services image for HMSPay Mobile Payment App.

Why use HMSPay?

HMSPay gives your business the opportunity to make sales in places you otherwise may not have had the chance to before going mobile. According to an article by Host Merchant Services, mobile payments already account for $240 billion annually and are predicted to grow rapidly in the coming years. Your consumers are going to want to make purchases on the go and HMSPay lets you accept those payments. Our service will let you:

  • Authorize and capture charges immediately
  • Authorize and reserve funds immediately
  • Email receipts
  • Capture relevant data
  • Void transactions as needed
  • Process credits and refunds


HMSPay is the right solution for your mobile  business needs.

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